Julia Wright

Senior Engineer

Julia has over 3 years of product development engineering experience. She has a passion for seeing great products come to life and creating unique solutions to consumers problems.

Julia completed her education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and Product Development. While at school she had the opportunity to work on multiple multidisciplinary projects, one of which earned her team the RPI Change the World challenge. Before joining the DesignThink team she was working in the baby industry developing soothing and feeding products for infants and toddlers. During her time there, she impacted over 50 consumer units at various stages of the development process from new designs, to quality improvements and manufacturing optimizations.


Outside of the office Julia often spends her time training for crossfit competitions, going to an excessive number of concerts, or cruising around town on her bike. When she gets the chance to get away you can find her barreling down the ski slopes or snorkeling endlessly someplace warm.