Jon Tackie

Lead Engineer

Jon’s passion for making began at an early age, working in his parent’s garage with spare pieces of wood to bring his latest ideas to life. Fueled by his desire to bring new creations into the world, he headed to Penn State and completed a degree in mechanical engineering. In 2012 Jon moved to Detroit to work as a product and tooling engineer for IAC, a tier-one automotive supplier, where he worked on vehicles from Honda, Nissan, and GM.

After two years at IAC Jon relocated to Chicago to start his graduate studies at Northwestern University in the Engineering Design Innovation program. Here he learned how to integrate human-centered design principles with his engineering background in order to produce better end products. He also interned for the design firm IDEO, where he gained experience designing products and conducting in-context field research. In 2016 Jon moved to San Francisco and began working for LUNAR, another California-based design consultancy and subsidiary of business consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. During his time at LUNAR, Jon worked on numerous products for clients in the consumer, medical, and telecom sectors.

Now at DesignThink, Jon leverages his experience in manufacturing and design engineering to continue developing innovative new-to-world products.

Outside of the office, Jon enjoys exercising, riding his bikes (both bicycle and motorcycle), and nearly any board-sport under the sun.