Tools of the trade

How DesignThink partnerships help companies grow.

Our relationship with Kreg Tool, a leading provider of wood working project solutions, is a proud example of the type of partnership we at DesignThink strive for.  Over the years, we have grown with the Kreg team, from our first interaction on the development of the successful Track Horse, to engaging with their team in a variety of initiatives ranging from new product development, supporting brand development sessions, to helping evolve their visual brand language.  Our team is involved in an array of activities which include hosting innovation sessions, conducting usability research, and exploring front-end concept design and development across several key categories.  It is a natural occurrence that as we do more with a client, our understanding and experience increases exponentially, allowing us to offer increased value and generate higher level thinking across categories.

To think big, we need to understand the small things.

To think big, we need to understand the small things.  A phrase spoken often at DesignThink is “we simplify complexity to deliver solutions that are meaningful and relevant to users”.  We do that in a way that is also genuine and authentic to how the brand delivers those solutions. To achieve that, we need to understand more than the development criteria of the project at hand.  We engage with our clients as partners, learning and understanding what their brand stands for, where they want to expand, and who their users are.  In short, we strive to create a long-term relationship to understand the brand and how that influences the way in which you engage users.  We want you to see us as an extension of your team, a partner.

We want you to see us as an extension of your team, a partner.

Engaging with Kreg’s brand at the earliest stages, and fully understanding who their typical user types are, helped us understand that Kreg not only offers products for woodworkers at every level, they also offer solutions that help build confidence in achieving the results woodworkers are aiming for. Kreg’s users range from the casual woodworker to the professional, and every level in between.  One common element across user types is the need for quality results at the end of the project.  The most critical attribute associated with this insight is the need for instilling confidence.  Project materials are expensive and the desire for a sense of accomplishment is high.  Woodworkers trust Kreg to help them achieve the results they are aiming for in an accurate, repeatable way that is not too prescriptive, allowing “on the fly” flexibility to address specific issues as they arise. The responsibility for that trust was now placed on DesignThink.

The responsibility for that trust was now placed on DesignThink.

Looking back at the development of the Track Horse, it seems an obvious solution to incorporate and leverage Kreg’s very durable, yet lightweight anodized aluminum Kreg Klamp track as the main support feature. Incorporating the slotted track packs the Track Horse with tons of versatility for use as a saw horse, work support, clamping center, and more. Users can integrate the use of any Kreg accessory designed to fit the Klamp track, offering further versatility across their family of products.

Kreg image one

As we grew with Kreg, we began to leverage the theme of extreme versatility into the development of the Mobile Project Center.  Knowing what woodworkers in this category are looking for, and the value that Kreg offers, the development of the MPC not only incorporated the T-Track, along with many other features, but is designed to integrate with the Track Horse to provide versatility for how users can support projects.

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Our relationship with Kreg provides us a macro view of who their users are and what qualities and versatility they need, allowing us to generate system level solutions across their product platforms.  Each product delivers innovative solutions for the task at hand, but also offers greater value by working together.  Woodworkers can invest in Kreg to grow and maximize their solution system with the purchase of each new tool offered by Kreg. One tool builds on the next.

DesignThink has evolved to be more than just another consultant providing a design service.

With each successful product, our knowledge of Kreg and their users grows.  DesignThink has evolved to be more than just another consultant providing a design service.  From day one, we act as caretakers of the Kreg brand and share the same commitment that Kreg has towards their users and customers. We are able to keep pace with Kreg’s growth and offer increased value of thought, insight, and innovation across many categories and touch points.

As these partnerships with our clients grow, so does our involvement in larger initiatives. DesignThink becomes an extension of the company.  Based on our shared experiences and knowledge of brand and user, our agility, focus, and innovation become a greater tool for the company to employ at will.

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