2-in-1 Baby Base booster

Kids II, a leader in providing products that help parents care for their child, understands those everyday parenting challenges and how thoughtful features can make a big difference. Recognizing like minds, they approached DesignThink to develop a new feeding booster chair for their Ingenuity brand. We quickly set to work to understand parents’ concerns and needs while feeding a baby. Equally important was the need to understand the developmental changes the baby will experience while using the chair. We established the core feature set for a seat that can properly and comfortably position the child during mealtime throughout the stages of physical growth and development, as well as put parents’ minds at ease. As a top rated booster feeding seat, the Bright Starts Baby Base 2-in-1 Baby Base booster seat is a hit!

For information on the design of the Bright Starts Baby Base 2-in-1 Baby Base booster, contact Noah Dingler, noah@designthinkstudios.com, or Patrick Nolan, patrick@designthinkstudios.com