EZ Squeeze™ Staplers

The new line of Reduced Effort staplers is used by professionals in printer or mail rooms where high volume stapling is needed. The design incorporates a new patent pending precision engineered EZ Squeeze™ mechanism which reduces stapling effort by up to 55%, making stapling up to 130-sheet documents a breeze. The new mechanism also dramatically reduces the disturbingly loud snapping sound common with other reduced effort staplers. A quiet stapler is a welcomed benefit as more companies adopt the open office floor plan.

The new sleek look projects the Bostitch brand values for products that look durable, professional, and offer precision. We gave the lowly utilitarian-looking heavy duty stapler a modern identity which integrates better with other products and printers found in the same environment.

Check out the link to see the entire line EZ Squeeze™ Staplers designed by DesignThink for Amax Incorporated, the exclusive developer, manufacturer and distributor of Bostitch® branded office products.