Case Studies



DesignThink utilized its integrated design process, incorporating Usability, Industrial Design and Engineering to create a line of lights that targets the active work environment with desk lamps that are meaningful, relevant and durable.

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Five Star

Big Mouth Backpack™

The backpack represents an organizational hub for students where quick access to study materials, accessories and electronics occurs frequently throughout the school day. In addition to books, folders and binders, the backpack is home for a growing number of electronic devices. Protection and access to these newer tools is evolving the backpack’s utility and design.

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2-in-1 Baby Base booster

A seat that properly and comfortably positions a child during mealtime throughout the stages of physical growth and development.

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CCPilot VI

The CCPilot VI promotes an interface that is obvious and simple to understand with appropriate affordances for operators to easily interact with gloved hands.

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Essential Medical

X-Seal and Manta Vascular Closures

From concept through CE certification, DesignThink provided the design, engineering and usability services needed for the successful launch of two vascular closure product lines. Capable of sealing femoral artery punctures from 6F through 24F, X-seal and Manta provide closure solutions for almost any interventional cardiology procedure.

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Amax Incorporated

EZ Squeeze™ Staplers

DesignThink has designed a line of new EZ Squeeze™ Staplers, improving the process for heavy duty, high volume manual stapling, as well as established a new identity for a brand that has been offering innovation in stapling products for over 100 years.

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Tot Handy Stroller Hook

Whether it is used to give an older sibling a home base to hang on where Mom can see them, or to give Mom a convenient place to hang shopping bags, the Handy Stroller Hook was developed to lend a hand.

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