Industrial Design

DesignThink’s members have been working with top design driven companies over the past 20 years, perfecting our approach for bringing meaningful innovation to the market. We have a proven track record of developing both tactical and strategic innovation to a wide array of markets and industries to organically grow pipelines. Our process begins and ends with close involvement with consumers as well as your brand, marketing and engineering teams, ensuring our innovations are relevant for your consumers and authentic to your brand.

Brand Building Strategies & Innovation

We specialize in developing advanced concepts and breakthrough innovation to grow within existing or emerging markets. We not only help clients develop breakthrough ideas, we also have a strong track record for bringing these ideas to the market. Our experiences at companies such as Black & Decker, Xerox, The Stanley Works and Newell Rubbermaid have honed our process for this type of program.

Our process begins by working directly with end users or your research data to capture the “fuzzy” aspects of consumer behavior, product usage and consumer attitudes to identify the desired experience consumers are seeking. This information is then synthesized through our convergent thinking process to expose themes which yield opportunities for development. Each theme is tested with consumers through Qualitative & Quantitative research to identify the raw concept. The team at DesignThink will lead your team through an energizing brainstorm process so you have actionable ideas for your program and product road.

Industrial Design Services

Aesthetic strategy is only good if consumers understand its purpose and it enables high returns on sales while promoting brand growth. Our Industrial Design talents can help translate your new product idea into a compelling visual strategy, or update an existing product with trend forward design. We focus our design talents to create interface strategies where needed to help instruct the end user how to use or interface with your products features. We have made a career of designing highly differentiated products that command attention at point of sale while maintaining a meaningful relationship to the brand which they serve.

We have the experience in both the consulting and corporate R&D environment, and can easily relate to the challenges you and your team face with innovation, schedules and budget requirements. We are efficient as well as experienced in helping you bring the next idea to market.