DesignThink can help you create design strategies that translate product usage into positive experiences which help build brand satisfaction. User Experience & Design testing is the process by which we evaluate all aspects of a user’s intentions with a product–how it’s perceived, learned and used. DesignThink offers testing in both Usability and Perceived Quality.

Usability: Usability is measured through task performance studies and will help you determine the extent to which a product can be used by a specific user to achieve a specific goal. We help you evaluate product usage in 4 basic components, Ease of Use, Effectiveness of Task Completion, Efficiency of Operation and Satisfaction of Experience.

Perceived Quality: Our focus on Perceived Quality complements your Usability Testing to uncover key perceptual, sensory and emotional elements that influence a user’s impression with any product or process. Following a systematic approach, we ensure the design stays connected with the consumer during critical phases in the development cycle. We provide a test & evaluation process to ensure key needs are met and a good product experience results.

Why Focus on User Experiences?

The study of User Experience is directly linked to increasing brand satisfaction. Managing good product experiences is a critical factor in building overall satisfaction when using a product which leads to building brand loyalty. Consumers not only demand that the products they use be functionally useful, they also seek solutions which enhance the pleasure or ease of performing the required task. Good Usability, or Ease of Use, is becoming expected in the market place. Companies who quickly adopt Usability practices are seeing great success and increased brand growth. The resulting products are those consumers desire.

Methodologies & Services:

Working with your team, we will help identify target consumers, develop discussion guides and setup and conduct the testing event. Our specialist will skillfully engage with users to observe, interview and probe issues related to the tasks of operation intended for your product.

Usability Testing: We will develop appropriate test methodology, metrics and task flow around users interacting with your product as we gather both performance and qualitative feedback data. The data is synthesized to identify opportunities for improvement and recommended solutions.

Human Factors Analysis: We assess how well a product meets recognized ergonomic, usability and interface design principles. Clear metrics will show gaps and define actionable areas for improvement.

Design Validation: Design is a powerful way to differentiate your brand and your product at point of sale. Design helps instruct users how to use or interface with your product. We can evaluate consumer preference towards new design directions and compare those perceptions to competitive products to ensure your design is the preferred choice.