Innovative Solutions

Our engineering team understands that for every successful product, form, function and user experience are of equal importance.  That’s why we integrate creative and analytical thinking so closely throughout our process.  As a team, DesignThink conceives and develops concepts based on sound engineering resulting in innovative solutions to your design challenges.  Our expertise ensures that engineering, design and usability complement each other perfectly to produce products that are visually compelling, intuitive and robust.

Intellectual Property

DesignThink collectively holds over 150 patents, spanning many industries including medical, housewares, tools, building materials, personal care products and juvenile products. We specialize in the development of patentable features and mechanisms to help ensure your product is sustainable. We focus on creating ownable solutions as well as creating “barrier to entry” innovation to block competitors from competing in your category.  We can also create patent minefields around your existing IP to allow you to compete more effectively in your market space.

Engineering Analysis

Design analysis minimizes the costs associated with iterative design and increases your speed to market.  DesignThink can provide various types of structural analysis such as Finite Element Analysis of critical components to ensure your product meets target strength and weight requirements.  We offer mechanism simulation capabilities, enabling us to test function of several design iterations of your product before investing in prototypes or tooling.


Our team has many years of experience working on high-profile products requiring large capital investments.  Our designers and engineers are highly experienced integrating directly with manufacturing vendors, both domestic and overseas. We have an intimate knowledge of manufacturing technologies ranging from low cost to high performance, tried-and-true to cutting edge. Whatever the design challenge, we can develop a manufacturing solution to fit your needs.

Software Tool

DesignThink primarily uses PTC Creo and Solidworks for 3D modeling and Creo Simulate for analysis.  Other engineering software can be used on request. Our designers and engineers are highly skilled in building robust top-down models and are fluent in advanced surfacing techniques to ensure our CAD is 100% true to form. Our 3D models are parametric and flexible ensuring that design iterations, future updates and product refreshes can be completed swiftly.  We can provide CAD models for many needs including 3D photorealistic renderings, fully functioning prototypes and tooling ready part files.


Whether you’re developing your first product or kicking off your next product line, our engineering team has the experience to successfully to guide you through the process.  Please contact us to discuss how DesignThink can help you with your next project.  We look forward to working with you!