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Another Successful (Ped)al4Cam Event!

Well, we had another fantastic (Ped)al4cam event this year.  The fever pitch of preparation on Saturday went without a hitch.  Road courses were marked and ready by 12:00 and the mountain courses were finished by 4:00.  Over 250 signs, stakes, and road arrows in total were placed by only 8 volunteers, but this year we had some help from our friends at Burley.  They were kind enough to donate a Coho XC bike trailer to help with the effort.  The setup team definitely put the trailer through its paces.  They did their best to try to kill it by loading it to its maximum capacity, then towing it through some seriously treacherous terrain. The Coho XC handled the task with ease.  In our estimates, it shaved the time to mark the mountain courses by about an hour.  Thanks Burley!

Burley Coho XC loaded with signs for the Pedal 4 Cam course
Burley Coho XC packed and ready for marking the MTB course.

The day of the event turned out to be perfect for a long ride or walk.  It was a nice change to the trend of weekend rain we’ve had this summer and early fall.  Just over 100 participants showed up for the event and were met by dozens of volunteers to provide food, support, encouragement, and even post-ride massages as they pedaled and walked to support the cure for childhood cancer.

Doug Evans thanks participants before the ride / race
Pre-ride thank you from Cure4Cam cofounder, Doug Evans
Team DesignThink gets ready to ride











We would also like to give a special thanks to DesignThink’s own Lindsay Malatesta for designing the event logo, tee shirts, and signs.  This is the first year that nobody got lost on the road course, and we think it was largely due to Lindsay’s expertise and hard work.  Thanks Lindsay!

blue pedal 4 cam logo
Official event logo courtesy of Lindsay this year!
Nobody is going to miss the turn















For additional information about the (Ped)al4Cam event and Cure4Cam, please follow the links below:


For more information about the Coho XC, check it out in our case studies and on the Burley website:


Thanks again to all that participated and supported the event!

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